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Persian cuisine


Erin Mahoney

Course with Erin Mahoney

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A perfect combination of spices, fresh herbs, dried fruits and dairy products. The result is a repertoire of dishes delicately dosed between salty and sweet. The perfect opportunity to discover a new cuisine!


  • Kuku sabzi (Herbs frittata)
  • Maast o khiar (yogurt spread)
  • Borani Laboo (beet spread)
  • Salad Shirazi
  • Khoresht Fessenjoon (duck in sauce)

The course $90

  • The cooking course consists of the chef demonstrating how to prepare and cook the recipes presented.
  • Course duration of 2:30
  • A meal, accompanied by a glass of wine, will be served at the end of the course
  • Taxes included


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