Gabrielle Rivard Hiller

Graduate of the ITHQ pastry in 2005, Gabrielle Rivard-Hiller made his debut at various facilities in the Montreal area. She landed by chance in January 2010 at the sugar shack Au Pied de Cochon, where Martin Picard leaves him free to blow his creativity.
In charge of pastries, Gabrielle excels particularly in two major products of the culinary landscape of Quebec: maple syrup and apples. During one of his classes, you will have the chance to share with his culinary expertise.
You will also find Gabrielle in the show Un chef à la Cabane at Télé-Quebec as it carries out sweet recipes maple with Martin.

In November 2016 she left her pastry job at La cabane au Pied de Cochon in order to start her business. Since the fall of 2017 Gabrielle has been on her own and plans to open her sugar shack ‘La Cabane sur le Roc’ next year, on the family lands of Saint-Joseph-du-Lac.