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Fresh Pasta

Elena Faita

Course with Elena Faita

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Learn how to prepare your own homemade pasta! It’s simple. Knead the dough, adjust the machine settings and churn out the shape that suits your mood. Done! You’ve just created the basic ingredient for Italian cooking.


  • Basic pasta
  • Apulian orrechiette
  • Herb salsa
  • Saffron papardelle
  • Butter fettucine
  • Pasta with porcini, pancetta and sausages

The course $80

  • Course duration of 2:30
  • A meal, accompanied by a glass of wine, will be served at the end of the course
  • Taxes included


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10 October 2019 at 6:30 pm24
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The course was great! I've made pasta before, read recipes and instructions in books, etc. etc., but there are so many little details and things I just never understood or thought about until I saw them with my own eyes